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we deliver mindful wellness strategies to you

so you can continue to be amazing people who do amazing work. 

this is our passion

FXF Total Mindful Fitness strives to positively impact people’s lives by integrating whole-person wellness programs in professional settings. By combining scientifically-backed data in the health and fitness space with on-site activities, we engage both the mind and body for a more energized day. 

We are able to provide customized programs suited for a variety of populations – nurses, doctors, healthcare staff, students, and we are just getting started!

It’s about human engagement.

our services

We bring you the best coaches to help your team become engaged with positive experiences.

On-site sessions and programs with incredible value – that’s what sets the FXF Total Mindful Fitness experience apart.

We provide:

  • Scheduled group fitness classes
  • Private group stress and resiliency training
  • Engagement with wellness focused events and classes
  • Seminars and education on various topics including mindfulness, stress management, back pain prevention and more

Benefits of Mindful Fitness at Work

What makes hospitals and clinics successful in providing excellent patient care? Your talented staff of course! Consider the following benefits of wellness programs to your medical and support staff:

  • improve physical and mental stamina and overall wellbeing
  • redirect focus at work
  • increase job satisfaction
  • foster a positive outlook on life
  • enhance relations with co-workers and patients

Wellness programs are also valuable to the hospital and clinic as the employer. By demonstrating investment into medical and support staff, some benefits for employers and management include:

  • reduce staff turnover
  • improve productivity
  • reduced absenteeism
  • enhance employee morale
  • illustrate organizational commitments to wellness
  • enhance long-term interests by promoting health beyond the hospital

FXF provides custom-designed and scientifically sound strategies that busy staff can integrate into their lives to enhance their wellbeing. A healthier, more mindful HCP equals healthier, more mindful patient interactions. Everyone wins!

If you’d like more information on creating a beneficial wellness program at your clinic or hospital, please schedule a complimentary consultation.



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