Health Coaching

Wake up feeling AWESOME.

Walk tall and with confidence, and love catching a glimpse of your beautiful self in the mirror.
Know the difference between the number on a scale and the strength in your body.
Eat foods that nourish and satisfy you, keep you energized and
help you maintain a healthy weight.
And with all of this to power you, tackle your day and live your BEST life.

Let me guide you step by step to:

  • find your motivation and hold you accountable until your goals are reached
  • rewire your mindset about physical activity and healthy eating
  • listen to your body to avoid harm and cope quickly with injury
  • sort out nutrition facts from fiction to avoid dieting pitfalls
  • teach you specific exercises and workout routines that are best for you
  • develop healthy lifestyle and physical activity habits that you can actually stick with despite your busy schedule


First, I perform a comprehensive assessment to figure out which specific area is causing you to get stuck on accomplishing your health and fitness goals. I perform various physical fitness tests, and evaluate your current eating practices and stress levels. We then identify realistic goals together, and set a plan in motion to achieving them by utilizing one of the following programs.


Weight Management Program

12 week duration


  • weight loss
  • trimmed waistline
  • decreased body fat
  • increased energy levels
  • lowered risk of chronic illness + disease
  • increased strength + flexibility
  • feel more confident in your body
  • balanced, sustainable fitness routine with consistent results and health transformations
  • expert support & guidance to continue beyond the program

Body Reconnect Program

12 week duration

This is a postural program that integrate body awareness and exercise techniques to improve the movement of your joints and the balance of your body against gravity, while re-training your body for proper alignment.


  • Moving with ease
  • Decreased pain
  • Prevent long term chronic pain + injury
  • Balanced muscles that hold you up tall
  • increased strength + flexibility
  • feel more confident in your body
  • feel great in your clothes

Questions to consider for your Discovery Session
  • Have you tried to lose weight and have not able to keep it off?
  • Feel drained of energy most of the day?
  • Been on different diets that have failed you?
  • Have constant sugar cravings?
  • Want to gain strength and lean muscle?
  • Up your energy levels?
  • Look your best?
  • Decrease your health risks?
  • Have specific time-frames for achieving your goals?
  • Have medical considerations when exercising?


Learn to care for your body and mind so you can
LOOK and FEEL your best.

Book Your Complimentary Discovery Session
ask your questions + find out if my programs are right for you