Fit X Femme Health Co.

An Exercise, Nutritional and Mindfulness Method
Designed to Benefit Mama’s Body, Mindset and Baby

Based on the latest guidelines for pregnancy fitness, Fit X Mama is designed to help you take control of your pregnancy, master your lifestyle habits and empower you with every possible advantage right from the start. 

For 6 weeks you’ll have the chance to focus on caring for yourself and living a healthy lifestyle that positively affects you and your baby.

And since we run small groups, you’ll step into a supportive circle of other expectant mamas with whom you can share your fears, concerns, and excitement during pregnancy — and have a place to build confidence about becoming a parent!


Fit X Mama is a wellness and exercise program
exclusively for pregnant mamas with both coaching and exercise classes.


  • Learn about physical and emotional well-being, including posture training, eating myths and facts and mindset
  • Follow along with Fit X Mama workbook exclusive to members
  • Have supportive discussions and foster kinship and community


  • Strengthen and lengthen your muscles
  • Prevent injury ie. back pain, headaches, muscle strain
  • Reinforce your pelvic floor system
  • Energize your body and relax your mind
  • Get ready for birthing and beyond


  • The program runs for 6 weeks in small groups

  • We meet twice weekly
    > one session is for pregnancy-specific health coaching 
    > the second session is devoted to exercising

  • There is a total of 12 sessions in the program

Pregnancy is a time of unbelievably big changes that happen both physiologically and psychologically.  It’s an exciting time – often filled with doctor appointments – and the focus becomes monitoring the optimal growth of your beautiful baby (or babies)!

Mothers matter.

Your well-being is important for your growing baby, too.  Self-care is central to mothering, and it starts while you are pregnant with your precious little one!  

 “feel fit, strong and healthy all the way through your pregnancy, exercise confidently, and naturally bounce back faster after giving birth”


(6 weekly payments of $89)

Please note: there are only 5 spaces per group.

Click here to reserve your spot.


  • Access to expert, current, evidence-based information on pregnancy wellness.
  • Friendships and a supportive network with like-minded community of women.
  • Feeling stronger in body and mind by exercising, eating well, and practicing mindfulness.
  • Learning that all-important self-care.
  • Gaining the right amount of weight for your body and losing it after the birth.
  • Minimizing or preventing common side effects of pregnancy, like low back pain from poor posture.
  • Being held accountable and keeping motivated to lead a healthy pregnancy.

Ready to start? To learn more, book your
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We’ll evaluate your goals and answer any questions or concerns that have not been covered here during your complimentary initial consultation. 

The next session starts October 2019!

There are limited spaces per group.